Quarantine = 14 days,   Isolation = 10
Dear Cardinal Nation,

I write to remind you of the importance of following the CPS standard operating protocols that were reviewed and approved by the Panhandle Public Health District.

We are so thankful that our students and staff continue to be vigilant about social distancing, wearing face masks, sanitizing work areas and washing hands.  The reminder to continue those protocols comes after recent quarantines of large groups of students in other community schools ...and in our own.

We recently lost the opportunity to compete in a varsity football game due to a large number of students quarantined in the opposing school. We have had a single student case that has led to the quarantine of nine other students in one of our own district schools. Currently, we are in conversations with other community schools to again check whether quarantines in those schools will impact fall sports contests with our teams. These are all current examples of the need to be able to defend against large group quarantines by emphasizing the consistent following of approved protocols.

Whether you are a fall sport athlete or a student, to avoid contracting the covid virus or a 14-day quarantine .... please continue to follow the approved protocols!

Stay Healthy!

~Mr. Mack


Mr. Mack