WELCOME TO 5 BULLET FRIDAY!The Chadron High School Cardinal Counseling Department is excited to share our 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter for the 2019-20 school year!  Each week we will be providing readers with five facts, tips or tricks to help make the school year a success academically, emotionally, and socially! 

If you do not wish to receive this email feel free to UNSUBSCRIBE using the button located at the bottom of this email.1. No More Schedule Changes!If there is a mistake please let me know, otherwise you are IN. IT. TO. WIN. IT.  2. Kiwanis Honors ProgramParents and Students, in the Spring of each year our local Kiwanis group puts on an Honor Awards Presentation for all students that receive a 3.5 cumulative GPA and/or are on the Gold Honor Roll for third quarter.  Check report cards and GPA on Infinite Campus if you are interested in being honored for this event!  If you do not have a 3.5 cumulative gpa you still have a chance to be honored!  Do your best to earn Gold Honor Roll this quarter and you will be invited!  Date and time of awards program TBA.3. Seniors - Graduation is Right Around the Corner, How are You Doing on Scholarships?There are TONS of scholarships in the Google Drive folder, check it out below, reminder, we organize these folders based on DUE DATES.  All scholarships due in January are in the JANUARY FOLDER, all scholarships due in February and in the FEBRUARY FOLDER.... you get the gist.  Give it a gander and TURN. THEM. IN.  Click the image below for access to the entire folder!  4. Did You Know You Can Check Graduation Progress and Credit Requirements Online?Students and Parents - Infinite Campus has an AMAZING feature called Academic Progress where you can check your current graduation progress and credit requirements.  One of the MOST FREQUENT questions I get in the school counseling office is:  "Am I On Track to Graduate" or "Am I Taking the Right Classes".  First recognize that there is NO RIGHT PATH or PERFECT set of courses, just make sure you take courses that will challenge you academically and follow your energy to find career and technical courses that may interest you and light a fire for your future!  Check out this example below, green means TO GO TO, Red means further credit requirements needed!Also check out courses offered in the past at Chadron High School, I will highlight NEW COURSE OFFERINGS in the next few weeks!5. UNO CARDS Taking Over CHSIf you haven't gotten a chance to see check out CHS Facebook and Instagram for photos of students puting their PHONES DOWN and engaging with eachother over lunch and break!  At CHS we PLAY GAMES AND ENGAGE WITH EACHOTHER not with our phones :)Readers, THANK YOU AGAIN for joining us! Whether you are from CHS or another school, If you find it worthwhile please continue to SHARE. THE. LOVE (and the link).

Mr. Mack