WELCOME TO 5 BULLET FRIDAY!The Chadron High School Cardinal Counseling Department is excited to share our 5 Bullet Friday Newsletter for the 2019-20 school year!  Each week we will be providing readers with five facts, tips or tricks to help make the school year a success academically, emotionally, and socially! 

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New Video and Podcast Next Week:  6 Hard Talks to Have With Parents Before Leaving for College!One of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things we do at CHS are senior transition days on 1:30 out Fridays.  With COVID quarantine we are REALLY REALLY missing our college ready talks and decided we needed to keep getting information out to students!  Check out Mr. Uhing’s brainchild:  Caterpillars to Unicorns on YouTube.  EVEN BETTER:  If you LIKE, SHARE,and SUBSCRIBE you can win really cool/weird prizes all while learning how to transition to college gracefully.

These videos are not just for seniors, but for any student or family wanting more information on how to best prepare for life after high school!

If you are not really into the YouTube and unicorn vibe don’t worry, we got you!  No Unicorn visuals here, however all the information in expanded form (15 minutes or less) can be found on the podcast!  9-12th grade students and families would all benefit from the information.  In fact, it might spark some really good discussion in the household during this time of togetherness.  Check these SHORT tips!

Now available on Spotify and Anchor!

https://open.spotify.com/show/4NhPBG5eGsDUgcWAKq97BU?si=gkhEbfRXSh-EeDI4yP-r3g2. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS!SENIORS we are SO VERY proud of you!  All you have done, all you will do, and the amazing people you have become along the way!  We honor you this week in some very special ways!  If you haven't yet, hop on over to the Chadron High School Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages and check out our senior spotlights where we are honoring each graduate individually! 
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Instagram Link3. Honors Night Video Availble on YouTube, CPS Website and Facebook!May 4th is normally our night to honor all seniors!  During this honors program we invite community members to our auditorium to award local scholarship recipients, athletic awards, honor cords, and valedictorian and salutatorian.  Due to quarantine we will be honoring students virtually this year!  Be on the lookout on the Chadron High School Facebook and YouTube channels for the 2020 Honors Night Virtual Award Ceremony that will post at 6 p.m.!  We know this does not measure up to our regularly scheduled program, however, we hope it is an enjoyable way to still be able to honor students.  These are only a small number of the scholarships that have been/will continue to be awarded throughout the course of the summer and into next Fall.  We are proud of ALL our 2020 graduates!4.  Schedule Change PAUSEDo to the unknown and changing guidance from the CDC and Nebraska Department of Education, we are going to take a quick PAUSE on schedule changes for the moment! 

We will resume altering and editing schedules as soon as we know more about the Fall and what the Department of Education will allow!  I am hopeful classes will resume as normal and in the summer we can once again start to alter schedules and make changes as needed/desired.  If regulations change again, Mrs. Watson will have A LOT OF WORK to do on making alterations to the master schedule (shared in last week's email).  At this moment in time however let us finish up our current classes and slip into summer with happiness and hope in our hearts! 

Exceptions to this:
Enrollment in online college classes (Let's get this done!)
Changes due to missing requirement for graduation i.e. Government/English
New and Transfer Student Enrollment

We can make changes to elective courses as soon as we know more!  Examples include:  Woods, Foods, Fine Arts, PE ect.  5.  SUMMER ACT?!Today is the deadline to register for the June ACT but the big question is WILL WE HAVE IT?!  Short answer:  I have no idea.

After many phone calls I'm hearing that Chadron State College has requested to host both June and July ACT's at Burkheiser buildings as normal.  No word wether or not they have decided it is a GO.  I will assume that you get refunded your money if the ACT cannot be held.  Check out www.act.org to register and for more information. 

The summer ACT tests are NOT FREE and you must register yourself for these exams.  If you are going to be a senior read below for updates on our free state ACT test:

"There has not been an official decision made from NDE on the rescheduling of the ACT.  It does look most likely that it will come in the form of a statewide test in the fall on a school day.  Still, not finalized.

In regards to the national test, ACT is contacting every test site to see if they will be open for testing. Once they have this data, they will make a decision about the June test date. I would guess, the July test will be a go."

- Iris Owens Nebraska Department of Education

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