In another effort to reduce class sizes and total students in the building due to COVID concerns, CHS juniors and seniors can take advantage of scheduling one less class per semester this year.  This is the same program we offer every year for upperclassman that enroll in a college class, but this year, ANY junior or senior that is on track to graduate can take advantage of a free block.

Below is an email sent to our juniors and seniors from the school counseling office.

CHS Juniors and Seniors,

We are so very excited to see your smiling faces in a few weeks, and this email might make those smiles even BIGGER than anticipated!  
Graciously, Mr. Mack and Mrs. Meyer, our new superintendent, have agreed to offer one free block per semester for all juniors and seniors who are in good standing and "on track" status for graduation!  This would mean if you have earned all your credits thus far and are on track to receive over 28 credits for graduation, you could be eligible to take one class off a semester.  We are hoping that by offering upperclassmen a free block we can attempt to lower class size numbers to maintain as much social distancing as possible.  During this free block we would expect that you would either a) leave campus during this time (with parent permission), or b) use library space for homework while maintaining social distancing best practices.  
Some questions you may have.....
Q:  Well what could I possibly do with this new found free time?!A:  Anything!  Preferably:  Study, Apply for Colleges, Apply for Scholarships, Work, Intern, Take an Online College Class, Prep for the ACT and Other Standardized Tests......
Q:  How do I go about getting this magical free block?!A:  Just email Mrs. Watson!  Look over your schedule that is available on Infinite Campus RIGHT NOW and see where you might like the free block located at.  Send Mrs. Watson an email or call 432-0725 if we need to talk more about options.  Starting on August 3rd you are also welcome to come into the school counseling office to talk in person - please set up an appointment in advance. 
Q:  How do I get parent permission to leave campus?  A:  We will include the permission form with the lovely packet of information to sign at the beginning of the school year.  If you'd like to stop in before hand and get it signed right away we will have it available at the main office as well.  
Q:  Hmmmm taking an online college class sounds do I go about signing up for an online college class?A:  Set up an appointment with Mrs. Watson, make sure you know the cost of the course and parent permission beforehand!  
Q:  How do I know if I'm "eligible" to take a free block for graduation creditsA:  As long as you have not failed up to four classes you should be GOOD TO GO for taking a free block!  We build in a buffer of four credits at CHS.  If you have failed multiple classes it will not be a fantastic idea, nor will you be eligible.  Mrs. Watson will check graduation requirements individually at the point requested before all free blocks are given.
I'm sure I missed something here, Mr. Mack is cc'd on this email and can help me if there is anything I forgot to add.  Have a JOYOUS last few weeks of summer, truly miss you guys and gals and can't wait to hear back from you all.

Loni WatsonChadron High School Counselor
(308) 432-0725

Mr. Mack