Despite many of our students absent for the state FBLA competition last Friday, Chadron High School had an exceptional showing at the Chadron State College Scholastic Day competition. Chadron placed 2nd among the Divsion III schools behind St. Thomas Moore of Rapid City. We had numerous students placing in the top 25% as well as medalists for finishing in the top 3 individual placings. Results listing the top 25% can be found at Here's a list of our medalists:

  • Lane Chasek - 1st Advance Mathematics, 2nd General Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cole Dockweiler - 2nd Business Management and Decision Making
  • Devin Mitchell - 2nd Veterinary Science
  • Michael Kruse - 3rd Literature
  • Aaron Gaswick - 2nd World History
  • Brittany Kouba - 3rd Business Law
  • Abigail McFee - 2nd English Usage, 2nd Vocabulary
  • Logan Lembke - 2nd General Biology
  • Elizabeth Darnell - 1st Information Literacy
  • Dillon Vogt - 3rd Information Literacy
  • Cy Rayhill - 2nd Personal Finance
  • Matthew Dierksen - 1st Animal Science
  • Jessica Jersild - 2nd Animal Science
  • Alex Westerbuhr - 2nd Business Mathematics


Mr. Mack