I want to take this opportunity to ‘touch base’ on the many activities and events that will take place in the next few weeks for our students. There are not a lot of changes from how we’ve operated in past years but there are a couple of important notes. Graduation will take place in the high school gym this year. We do not reserve or block off sections of seats for families of seniors. Instead, they are welcome to enter the gymnasium when it opens at 8:00am and reserve up to 10 seats on the floor for the graduation ceremony for their families. There is additional seating provided in the bleachers.

Senior's Last Day: As in the past, grades 9-11 will start classes at 9:00am on May 8th to allow for seniors to check-out from 7:55-8:55am. Here’s the schedule of special activities:

  • Kiwanis Program   Thursday, April 25th 1:30p           CHS Auditorium
  • HS Muscal Fri, Sat, Sun April 26-28 7:00p CHS Auditorium
  • 6-12 Vocal Concert Thursday, May 2nd 7:00p CHS Auditorium
  • Prom                        Saturday, May 4th    7:00p           CSC Student Center
  • Baccalaureate         Sunday, May 5th      7:00p       CHS Auditorium
  • Honor’s Night           Monday, May 6th      7:00p       CHS Auditorium
  • 6-12 Band Concert Tuesday, May 7th 7:00p CHS Auditorium
  • Seniors Last Day     Wednesday, May 8th 7:55a      9:00 start for grades 9-11
  • Graduation Practice  Wednesday, May 8th 9:00a           CHS Gym
  • Graduation              Saturday, May 11th   10:00a           CHS Gym

If you have any questions, please call the CHS Office at 432-0707.Thank you!

Mr. Mack