We're all in this together!  This is one of those rare weeks when the teachers are probably learning more than the students!   :)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I sign up for the text messages?
Text to: 81010    Type the message:  @chsnote     Press to send.

What if I need a textbook or personal items left in school?
The student should call the office (432-0707) or email the principal to schedule a time so we have staff available to meet them at the door for a personal escort to wipe surfaces.

My teacher hasn't emailed yet?
Be patient.  Our goal is for all available classes to be provided by Monday, March 30th.  We're hoping for a slow start and staggering several start dates.

How can a parent be aware of student progress or assignments?
Teachers have been asked to include parents in a few opening emails. Parents are encouraged to email the teachers as needed for questions and concerns.  Some classes are provided via Google Classroom, parents will be invited to have guardian access. Finally, Infinite Campus may or may not be useful, we're waiting a week or two to see how we can record mastery progress.

Do students have to complete classes?
Only for credit!  :)   Some seniors are required to complete the current classes for graduation requirements. All students will be offered credit based on completion.   If a student does not finish the current class, and it is required for graduation (ex. a junior in US History), then they will have to reschedule for next year or complete summer school or other credit recovery before graduation.

What credit do I get for the classes that are not offered via remote learning?
Students will receive the full quarter or semester credit for any class cancelled.
  A list of classes that will not be offered via remote learning include:
Foods & Nutrition, Culinary Skills II, Woods/Manufacturing, Woods II, Drafting, Welding, Construction, 9th Transition, Speech 9, World Geography, International Relations, Basic Nursing, Stagecraft, Concert Choir, Guitar, Band, Instrumental Lab, Intro to Business, Advanced Computers, PE9, Lifetime Activities, Advanced Fitness.

I didn't complete the survey but can I still pick up Grab-n-Go meals for my kids?
Yep. The survey was to give an idea of starting numbers.  Extra meals have been provided but we may run out of meals a time or two until we get a better idea of how many families will participate.

What time is the Grab-n-Go pick up?
11:00-12:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  2-days worth of meals are provided on Monday and Wednesday, with a 3-day supply on Friday to help with the weekend.

Do I have to pick up the meals at the school my student attends?
Nope.   You can pick up all of your children's meals at the handiest location for you ...the Middle School or the Intermediate parking area.

Mr. Mack