Paper Airplanes Used to Teach about Free Enterprise This year the Chadron High School FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) created an American Enterprise Project to teach local fifth-graders about the free enterprise economy and a better understanding of supply and demand. The theme for the Chadron FBLA chapter this year was “Take Flight with FBLA” which tied into the American Enterprise Project because the project centered around a paper airplane simulation. The project also included a presentation and a vocabulary-matching game. Through these activities, fifth-grade students learned what a free enterprise economy is and how it works. During the paper airplane simulation, students were split into smaller groups. Using their new vocabulary, the fifth-graders assumed roles within their groups. Roles included Production, Management, Consumer Representative, and Marketing. The role of Management was in charge of making sure the rest of the group stayed on task and came up with the group’s ‘company’ name. The Production role made the paper airplane products in an assembly-line style in which a team of two students worked together to construct each airplane. The role of Consumer Representative tested the paper airplanes, throwing them through a series of hoops. Each hoop was a different height, demonstrating the different groups of people the companies could market their paper airplanes to. The Marketing role kept track of the number of successes and misses of the paper airplanes and presented their group’s airplane to the class. They had to show what made their airplane unique and more appealing than the other groups’ airplanes. Through this entertaining and educational game, the Chadron FBLA chapter hoped to create an exciting way for the younger generation to learn about the American Enterprise system and the law of supply and demand. 
The chapter members would like to thank all the students who participated in the activities. Also, special thank you to Mr. Dressel, the middle school principal, and Mr. Calkins, the fifth-grade social studies teacher, for making this project a success.

Mr. Mack