Submitted by Samantha Johns-FFA ReporterThe Chadron FFA chapter starts the new year off strong in the November competitions! A total of 13
members competed and everyone involved ribboned. The November competitions are LDE’s or
Leadership Development Events held at Chadron State College, Chadron High School, and the Dawes
County Fairgrounds each year. Each one involves some sort of public speaking in front of judges. These
competitions consisted of FFA Creed speaking, Junior public speaking, Senior public speaking,
Cooperative speaking, Natural Resources speaking, Extemporaneous speaking, Employment Skills, Ag
Demonstration, Conduct of Chapter Meetings, and Parliamentary Procedure. Those members who
competed, their event, and their ribbon placement is as follows:

  • Norah Winkler - Creed Speaking - Blue ribbon (9th)
  • Kourtney Hawk - Junior Public Speaking - Blue ribbon (6th)
  • November Diers - Cooperative Speaking - Purple ribbon (3rd)
  • Ella O’Brien - Natural Resources - Red ribbon
  • Kayley Galbraith - Extemporaneous Speaking - Blue ribbon (4th)
  • Samantha Johns - Extemporaneous Speaking - Blue ribbon (5th)
  • Teagan Tidyman - Employment Skills - Blue ribbon (8th)
  • Tate Ryan - Employment Skills - Blue ribbon (9th)
  • Michael Matt, Zac Haug, Cooper Wild, Jacob Wojcik, Antonio Valencia - Ag Demonstration -
  • Blue ribbon (using our own sawmill) (5th)

Special thanks to Allie Watson as well for being the official timer for the Extemporaneous speaking event.

Mr. Mack