CHS National History Day
National History Day is an educational program devoted to the learning of history.  Last fall, students chose a topic related to the annual theme (“Triumph and Tragedy”). and conducted extensive research using both primary and secondary sources.  After analyzing and drawing conclusions about their topics’ significance in history, they presented their work in an original project. The district contest was held March 1st at Chadron State College and on April 6th, the state competition was held in Lincoln.
Those who competed at the State History Day competition:
Senior Division:Riley Ambrose Maralee Rischling Tyler Kaus Cassie NesheimJackson Smith Grace Sorenson Lauren Collins Abby HyerJameson Margetts
Those who qualified for National History Day competition:
Abby Hyer and Jameson Margetts         1st Place Senior Group Website Nebraska Wesleyan ScholarshipThe Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Learning to Triumph over Tragedy
Lauren Collins and Grace Sorenson 2nd Place Senior Group WebsiteAmelia Earhart: A Triumph for Women and A Tragedy Never Forgotten
Tyler Kaus     1st Place Individual Documentary     Michael Berg Award Nebraska Wesleyan ScholarshipLongitude:  Making Time Travel

Mr. Mack