CHS Students,

I've had the chance to visit with many of you during chrome book or fall sports meetings, but in case you were not in attendance ... Welcome back to school!!!

I am very anxious for school to start so I can see you all again and we can get back to doing what we do best in Chadron High School ... Educate!

On the first day (Monday, Aug. 17th) I"ll conduct a zoom meeting for all students and staff at 8:45am.  Your teachers will provide the projected presentation.

If you have not attended a chrome book orientation meeting, you and your parent can join us Tuesday at 3:30p in the Auditorium for one last opportunity.

As you are probably aware, our community has had several cases of COVID-19 in the last week as well as quarantines of other people who were close contacts of those testing positive. Panhandle Public Health District (PPHD) has been phenomenal to work with and they recommend us to start as scheduled with our prevention plans in place.  With that said, this is a good time to remind what you can do to stay healthy, prevent the spread, and avoid quarantines.

  • Isolate - Avoiding being around others is truthfully, the best way to avoid this virus. That's why we created the At-Home Learning Program as a choice for families to provide quality education without attending school. Registration is due Friday (Aug. 21st) and information can be found at the district website. Students enrolled are not eligible for activities or a chrome book and will not be able to transfer back into face-to-face learning until the end of a semester.  (These online classes should be available around Aug. 24th.)
  • Social Distance - If you're in the presence of others, keep a 6' distance if you can. We have made many efforts to maximize distancing with our class rosters and protocols throughout the building (click the COVID-19 tab on the district website for more details). With that said, like most schools, we cannot guarantee or provide distancing in each area of the school. Be aware and respectful of your distancing for yourself and other.
  • Wear a face mask - This is especially beneficial if social distancing is not available. We expect you to wear a mask so bring your own. Students are not required to wear one in student areas, but it is expected and will be encouraged. Again, please be respectful of those making efforts to protect themselves and others who are wearing a face mask and distancing.
  • Disinfect commonly touched surfaces - The school is providing each classroom with disinfecting spray and a schedule for disinfecting work areas (desks) between each class period. Bathrooms will be disinfected at least three times a day as well.
  • Frequently and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water - You've heard this since you were a small child, it is especially important during this pandemic.
  • Use hand sanitizer when unable to access soap and water for hand washing - We have provided each classroom with hand sanitizer and have several other stations set up around the school.
  • Take care of yourself! - Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, get proper sleep and use stress reduction techniques such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, stretch breaks, etc.

Finally, stay home if you are sick.  Call us in the morning so we know you're not coming then access your teacher's google classroom if you're feeling good enough to complete your school work.  Absences related to Covid-19 prevention will be excused.  In fact, you or your teachers may be out for 10 days at a time if you are experiencing certain symptoms or had close contact.  (Click here for guidance).

PPHD provides me with a spreadsheet for all individual cases or quarantines related to our school. We will follow their guidance/recommendations for the soonest date those individuals are allowed to return to school.

Check the district website or the CHS Blog for more articles and information.

Be healthy, stay healthy!

I'm anxious to see you all!


Jerry Mack, Principal

Chadron High School

Chadron, NE 69337

Mr. Mack