From Sidney High School:

This year in order to keep our facilities operating while keeping attendance at/under 50%, we are going to use an online ticket system. There will be an option to print for those who want hard copies of their tickets. Also, for those who want to scan in with their phones, we will be able to accommodate. Tickets will need to be ordered through the links. Spectators will pay after they've been checked in on site. Please get this communicated!!! 

This link is for your fans/students: (100 max): 

(A separate link is provided to the coach to distribute to parents of players.)

Tickets will be able to be ordered until Monday at 2:00 PM MT.

It’s pretty simple! We can delete the ticket if we see your name appear multiple times.

Let your school know if you have questions or need assistance.

Good Luck to all teams! 

Mr. Mack