The Chadron High Wildlife class trekked to Chadron State Park this week, compliments of guest speaker, Shelley Steffl.  She joined our class to explain her job and new project (native seed blocks) she's has been working on.  Blocks were designed to help with reforestation, because of last fall's wildfires. This unique idea provides for seed dispersal over rough terrain, while encased in a "natural" fertilized cocoon by nomadic animals.  The Nebraska Environmental Trust, Nebraska Game & Parks, Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District and the Nebraska Forest Service partnered the project.

Mrs. Steffl discussed career opportunities, essential job skills and educational requirements. The trip was a community service project for students as they began the unit on National Parks. The curriculum focus was reseeding burned areas of the park by dispersing seed blocks, examining regrowth and reflecting on the role that fire plays in an ecosystem.  We had a wonderful time and appreciate the opportunity!
Respectfully submitted by   Maribeth Moore
Curriculum Director/

Science Instructor
Chadron Public Schools

Mr. Mack