September 9, 2020
To: Students, Parents, & Guardians
Re: Thermometers

Greetings Chadron Public Schools Parents, Patrons, and Students:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Chadron Public Schools. Set apart for excellence, our students enjoy dynamic relationships and rigorous curriculum equipping them for the future and challenging them to be lifelong leaders. We believe that every student can learn and will grow when expectations are high and clear.

As you are aware and have felt yourself we face many new challenges this year. It is our aim to partner with you to make sure that our students are receiving a high quality education. We are lucky to be part of one of the best school districts anywhere. The Covid Pandemic has changed our normal operating procedures. Thank you for honoring our plans and procedures. In order to manage these challenges we will continue to evaluate our procedures to make sure our students are safe. We know it will not be perfect, but our goal is to keep in-person instruction happening.

Chadron Public Schools was fortunate to be on the receiving end of a grant that used Keno money to provide our students with thermometers for free. We are appreciative of this gift given to our school. Please use the thermometers to self-screen each morning.


Ginger L. Meyer, Superintendent