Chadron Public Library's2013 Summer Reading Program
Dig Into Reading
Starts June 1st-July 13th
How the Program Works
1.  Children ages 6 months to 18 can register for a variety of programs.
2.  Children will need to sign up for a library card to check out books and materials.
3.  You may register for the reading program any time after June 1st.
4.  You'll receive a logbook to record number of minutes or titles of books you read.
5.  We will be offering a variety of programs, giveaways, and contests all summer;
6.  Everyone who completes the program by finishing their log book will be invited to a final party with   certificates and awards.
7.  The library welcomes children of al abilities.

For more information, call the library at 432-0531 or visit the website at
The students listened to a fun skit
Annette Bellu narrated the skit