We are pleased to announce the results of Chadron Middle School's 2015 NeSA results.  CMS students scored very well on all four subject tests: Reading, Math, Science, and Writing.

Highlights include: increased 5th grade reading scores for the second year in a row, 6th and 8th grade reading scores that exceed state averages, strong math scores, and science and writing scores that exceed state averages.

Information about NeSA: Students across the state of Nebraska take the NeSA in grades 3,4, 5-8, and 11.  At Chadron Middle School, all students are tested in reading, and math.  5th and 8th grade students are tested in science and only 8th graders take the writing test.  Scoring categories include Below Standard, Meets Standard, and Exceeds Standard.  Overall proficiency is calculated by combining Meets standards and Exceeds Standard scores.

We are proud of our students and teachers for the hard work that did last year and we are excited for all of the learning that will take place this year.

2015 NeSA Results
*scores in %

Mr. Dressel