Student Council members visited the 4th grade classrooms this week.  
They answered questions  about 5th grade at Chadron Middle School.  Student Council members talked about open campus and passing periods.  They explained that 5th grade students do not have to dress out for physical education.  

Students will have their lockers on the 3rd floor of the middle school.  They are the only grade to have lockers on that floor and most of their classes are right next to each other.  They have a 5th grade stairwell  so  they don't have to worry about  the older students.  Students were interested in having a new schedule  and what it would look like, the length of class periods and of course having locks on their lockers.  Mrs. Rogers (CMS Guidance Counselor) was there to answer those  questions and assured them they would be taken care of.Mrs. Rogers talking to 4th grade students
Our students are looking forward to visiting the middle school on Monday (May 6th) from 8:00-9:30.  We will bus over, meet the 5th grade team in the gym, tour the building and visit the classrooms.    

Clair , Spencer and Jadyn:   CMS Representatives calming the students

We are excited for next year!