On Friday, September 11th, 31 CMS 5th graders participated in the annual 5th Grade Fun Night. Students started the night with a scavenger hunt that is designed to help the 5th graders learn their way around the school.  During the scavenger hunt, students work in teams of 3 and 4 to find things around the building.

Following the scavenger hung, students participated in a "Clean Your Room" tournament.  The game's objective is to move as much trash from your team's side of the floor to the other team's side. The team with the most least amount of trash on their side after 1-minute wins.  Students came up with some pretty inventive ideas to clear their side of the floor quickly.

Last, students worked in teams to unravel a saran wrap ball that contained prizes.  The students really had to work to get the prized out this year.  Prizes included a slinky, a light up ball, and lots of school supplies like mechanical pencils, highlighters, and erasers.

Thank you to the CMS Student Council for organizing and running the activities.  We hope that the kids had a blast!

Mr. Dressel