Hello Everyone and WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
I hope the end of summer finds you all refreshed and ready for another exciting year of learning.  I want to invite all Chadron Primary School Families to our MEET and GREET.  
Tuesday, August 16, 2016 we will host our MEET and GREET from 6:00-7:00p.m.  At that time your child(ren) can get acquainted with their teacher, classroom, and school.  We encourage you to bring your child's labeled school supplies.  The school supply list is as follows:

Chadron Primary SchoolGrades K – 2          732 Ann Street                              Chadron, NE  69337    308-432-0710

 Suggested Supply List for 2016-2017 School Year Kindergarten                                        12 - #2 pencils USA Gold or Ticonderoga                         6 glue sticks                                                                 2 large boxes facial tissues                                              2 large containers anti-bacterial wipes                             4 dry-erase markers                                                    4 boxes crayons (8 pack only, no jumbo)             3 class-size snack items (enough for 20 students)         (crackers, cookies, etc.)                                                   1 paint shirt (any oversized shirt will do)                         1 pair of scissors                                  2 big pink erasers P.E shoes will need to be worn on P.E days                                         First Grade  12 - #2 pencils1 large glue stick1 pkg. pencil top erasers (not Gardner)2 large boxes facial tissues      2 large containers anti-bacterial wipes2 dry-erase markers1 pencil/crayon box2 boxes crayons (24 ct.)2 laminated 2-pocket folders1 wide-ruled spiral notebook 1 box gallon-sized Ziploc bags-boys1 box quart-sized Ziploc bags-girlsP.E shoes will need to be worn on P.E days                                                     Second Grade1 box crayons (24 ct.) and colored pencils 2 highlighters1 large box facial tissues 2 large pink erasers1 small box pencil tip erasers 1 small pencil/crayon box2 2-pocket folder1 spiral notebook24 - #2 pencils1 large glue stick2 large containers anti-bacterial wipes2 dry-erase markers1 pair scissors1 handheld pencil sharpener P.E shoes will need to be worn on P.E days I also want to remind families to check the Chadron Public Schools Calendar 2016-2017 for important dates.  August 17, 18, and 19th will be early dismissals (1:30p.m.) to allow staff to collaborate on establishing skills based groups.  
We look forward to seeing you all!!