Beginning of the Year
Mrs. Hoffman's ClassroomWelcome back to school!  We have enjoyed several weeks of school and we're starting to get into the swing of things.  The students have been working hard getting to know a new building, new playground, new staff, and new routines.  It's been a great couple of weeks as we continue to learn about each other.

In Mrs. Hoffman's class we have done some art activities, one of which was using our name as the center of our picture.  We used line, form, and color to create some beautiful name art.
We also made some "wild things" as we read  and discussed the story Where the Wild Things Are.  The students had a lot of fun creating their own "wild thing".  We are also working on Caricatures of ourselves.  These are a work in progress and will soon be displayed in our room.

We continue to work hard in all subjects.  Keep up the good work studying those math facts, and learning vocabulary for all subjects!  We rock!