Girl Scout Troops #10283 and #10286 came to Chadron Primary this past Saturday to work on a project toward earning their Bronze Awards Chadron Girl Scouts Hannah Jamison and Gillian Conway were joined by Lillie Allen from Crawford.  The Buddy Bench idea along with the Rainbow Bench allow children the opportunity to have someone to play with (Buddy) or a spot to socialize (Rainbow).  The Girl Scouts have created some rules to go with the Buddy Bench.  Thank you Girl Scouts for your community service project and for thinking of Chadron Primary students.

Sometimes kids are out for recess and don’t have anyone to play with, even though they want to play with others.  They might be lonely and not know how to find friends to play with them.  The buddy bench is there to try to overcome loneliness and help kids make new friends.  If a child wants a playmate and doesn’t have anyone available at the moment, they can go sit on the bench.  That is a sign to other kids that they want to play.  Other children can then go invite the child sitting on the bench to come play with them.  This should help new friendships form and help children from feeling left out.  
Rules for the buddy bench:
The bench is not a punishment and children are not in trouble if they are sitting on the buddy bench.
The bench isn’t for hanging out and children should sit only sit here if they can’t find anyone to play with them.  
If you are sitting on the bench, then you must play with the first child that invites you.
If there are two kids on the bench, then they should play together.
Have fun making new friends and playing with new groups of children!