Chadron Primary School celebrated our December Cardinals of the Month.  These students were chosen by their teachers as students who excel in the classroom!  These kiddos have gone above and beyond our three Cardinal Rules of 1)Be Safe, 2)Be Respectful, and 3) Be Responsible.  These children have been great examples for other students and we are so excited to honor them with a breakfast.  We were able to take over the Teachers' Lounge to enjoy our morning and we want to congratulate them all for a job well done!

Teachers' Lounge Takeover

Back Row ~ 2nd Grade:  Hunter S., Rylan R., Jess W., and Taryn C.
Middle Row ~ 1st Grade:  Graesynn S., Braden B., and Sidney M.
Front Row ~ Kindergarten:  Julianne K., Braelynn G., Brynli W., and Evelyn D.

Silly students starting the New Year!