These students were chosen by their teachers as wonderful examples of students who follow the Cardinal Rules of 1) Be Safe, 2) Be Respectful, and 3) Be Responsible so they were able to party in the teachers' lounge with only Princessipal Uhing.  As Cardinals of the Month they are great leaders within their classrooms. It is always so much fun to visit with and enjoy the company of these outstanding students.  Way to go kiddos and thank you for making such good choices!!

Cardinal of the Month students take over the lounge for breakfast.

Back Row (2nd Grade):  Johnathon H., Trinity S., Gianni M., and Haiven C.
Middle Row (1st Grade):  Mayci S., Philip E., Zyler M., and Rhedyn R.
Front Row (Kindergarten):  Bentley B., Briar R., Elihu A.H.B., and Clair S.

Goofy little birds