These students were able to have breakfast in the Teachers' Lounge with Ms. Uhing and as always it was a big treat for our Cardinals of the Month.  These students have gone above and beyond following our Cardinal Rules of 1)Be Safe 2)Be Respectful and 3)Be Responsible.  We are so proud of these students and are so excited to watch them continue being wonderful role models.  Congratulations on the recognition!

Breakfast Time - no teachers allowed!!
Back Row (2nd Grade):  Rylan W., Carlin C., Baylee C., and Kendrick T.Middle Row (1st Grade):  Avarie D., Hadley E., and Sorina F.
Front Row (Kindergarten):  Creighton G., Joel C., Harlee K., and Emma O.

WiLd and CrAzY students after breakfast!
Miss Lucy S. missed our picture as she wasn't feeling well so she got extra hugs from Ms. Uhing