Chadron PreSchool
A is for Apple!This week in the preschool we learned about the letter A and explored activities surrounding apples. We wrote down all the things we knew about apples at the beginning of the week into a web chart.  The students discussed the colors of apples, what you can make with apples and how an apple grows.  During one of our small group times, we made predictions if an apple will sink or float when put into water.  Many students thought it would sink but were surprised to see that it floats in the water.  We wrote down our results after our experiment.We read several stories and poems about apples throughout the week.  Here is Sugar matching the word "apple" to one of the poems we read.  Ms. Becky brought in a big bag of apples from an apple tree and we worked on cutting up apples (with butter knives) and measuring to make homemade applesauce.  It was yummy!Look at all the apples we cut up!Teagen stirring up the spices into the applesEating our applesauce with our lunch!We tasted four different kinds of apples (gala, red delicious, golden delicious, and granny smith).  We discovered which ones we liked best and graphed the class favorite.Teagen coloring her apple for the class graphOur class graph of our favorite flavor of apple.  Looks like the winner is Granny SmithWe worked on our coloring, cutting and patterning skills by making an apple pattern crown. A is for Apple (The leaf of the apple is our hand print) 
We learned the story about Johnny Appleseed and put the sequence of how an apple tree grows in order.  What a fun week of learning about apples!