Results of the 2022 CSC Scholastic Day Contest

Results are listed at: 

Division II Team Results

1st Rapid City Christian

2nd Chadron High School

3rd Sidney High School

1st Place Individuals:

Billy Hy - Algebra I

Caden Galbraith - Wildlife Ecology and Management

Forest Parks - World History

Josie Downing - Human Development and Relationships

Trey Williamson - Business Mathematics

2nd Place Individuals:

Averielle Sager - Algebra I

Emilynn O'Donnell - Business Law

3rd Place Individuals:

Aiden Dressel - Business Management

Kaylie Phillips - Animal Science

Kierra Haag - Nutrition and Family Health

4th Place Individuals:

Blake Hinman - Consumer Issues

Cody Kahl - Agronomy and Range Management

Connor Diers - General Biology

November Diers - Teaching Presentation

Rhett Cullers - Chemistry

5th Place Individuals:

Aiden Vinton - Earth Science

Hallie Chipperfield - Business Information Systems

Jodeen Chesley - Physical Science

Natalie Carattini - Art Drawing

Owen Wess - Agronomy and Range Management

Mr. Mack