We will start this week off by making marshmallow blasters and playing four square in the gym. The students will document the distance that the marshmallows fly in centimeters and inches and then compare that to their predictions. On Tuesday, we will have our second day of clubs. The clubs for this month are: knitting, cards, Crestview, and book club. Crestview is lead by Agents Devin and Austyn. Knitting Club is lead by Agent Becca and Leah Gremm who is a community helper. Cards Club is lead by Agents Sabrina and Tori with the help of fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Motz and Mrs. Anderson, and book club is lead by Agent Troy. Wednesday is Agent Tori and Agent Kate's day followed by Agent Devin and Agent Austyn's day, they will be planning fun physical and academic activities!

As always, your student is very welcome to work on any homework at CIA!!Posted by at 3:02 PM