CIS Students promoting our Behavior Program on KCSR and KBPY

This week, students from Chadron Intermediate School (CIS) traveled to the radio station to talk on the radio.  They shared with the community the PBIS behavior plan that we use at our school.  PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) is a program that is used across the state of Nebraska.  Each school may do it differently as it is created with student, parent, teacher and administrative input.  CIS is in it's first year of implementation and is concentrating on Tier 1 interventions.
Tier 1 interventions are used with all students and are skills that are taught to be successful not only in school but throughout your life.  Support staff catch kids being good after they are taught the skills.  Randomly, students can earn a "Good Choice Ticket".  Students can save tickets up to earn fun activities at school such as bringing a toy to school, listening to music, pajama day, sit with your friend at lunch and/or having a campout in the classroom.  Students helped create the list of the things they would like to earn.
Tobin, Josie, Emerson, Tyson, and Lillie all talked about how following the "Cardinal Rules" has made our school better.  Being Safe, Respectful, Responsible, and Proud are things that we can and should do in and outside of school.  We try to be kind to others and treat them the way we want to be treated.
We would like to thank Roxie, Jeff Wing and Denise Brown for allowing us to share our story and for showing us around the studio.  The students were especially excited to hear one of their favorite songs dedicated to them over the radio.