Dawes County 4-H Foundation Livestock Sale

Friday, August 8th
6:30 p.m., Chadron
Dawes County Showbarn

By Purchasing a Market Animal, you will: 

    • Help promote 4-H & Youth "Learn by Doing" programs. 
    • Allow youth to learn the educational marketing aspects of livestock production while they explore career opportunities in agriculture. 
    • Obtain quality meat for your freezer. If desired, animal will be delivered to one of the following processors: Bruns, M & M, or Otte. 
    • Receive free advertising and recognition in various papers. 

Arrangements can be made for absentee bids by contacting Jodi Sellman, Clerk, at 308-430-2604. 
Here is some information for potential new buyers that may help with questions you/they may have. Dawes County 4-H would like to get new supporters from the community.  Please share this information with others.
Support Our Youth to Build the Future:Your involvement in the livestock sale is an investment in the future.  Youth that participate in livestock projects learn responsibility, time management, record keeping, and public speaking. An educational process begins, which is guided by extension agents, families, and leaders.  This program is helping youth become responsible, involved community leaders. Build a partnership between buyers and families. Families that have youth in livestock projects are appreciative of the support that is received and will in turn support those that have supported them.
QualityThe goal of all 4-H members is to bring the best animals in Dawes County to the Livestock Sale.  It is the responsibility of the youth exhibitors to follow all wholesome meat assurance program guidelines when feeding and caring for their project in order to provide a safe and wholesome product. How does the sale work? Prior to the sale, the current market price of each species of animals is determined by the area packing plants.  Each buyer in attendance will receive a packet of information containing the youth’s name, species being sold, the weight of the animal and their market price. Species are sold on a rotating basis.If you are the highest bidder,  you will be asked to sign a sales slip indicating if the animal is for resale (Option A) or for personal consumption (Option B). Buyers will receive a complimentary photograph of the animal taken with their exhibitor.
 Bidding Process : Buyer’s Options Option A: Resale.  The buyer bids on an animal and upon the successful bid, the buyer pays the difference between the bid price and the established market price.  The animal is then sold to a packer for the market price. For example: bid is $750 for a 130 lb. lamb Bid                                     =    $750Buy-Back (Market Price)     =  $150Buyer Pays                        =    $600Option B: Animals may be purchased for the buyer’s own personal consumption.  Consider using it for employee incentives, a fund raising activity, a picnic or club barbecue. A list of local processors will be available.Delivery to the processor will be arranged by the Livestock Sale Committee.
For more information about this years fair go to http://dawescountyfair.com/