The Five Crazy Spiders
Five crazy spiders hiding under a shed.
The first one said, "Get out of bed."
The second one said, " I could eat a hen."
The third one said, "Be quiet, Ben!"
The fourth one said, "Bob, get in a pot."
The fifth one said, "you two moan a lot."
So a human stepped on them; now they're all dead.
R.I.P. crazy spiders in a dirt bed.

by Eliana Uhing

Five Little Crows
Five little crows sitting on a wire.
The first one said, "Watch out don't start on fire!"
The second one said, "I smell a burnt feather!"
The third one said, "I think we need rainy weather."
The fourth one said, "I agree with that."
The fifth one said, "Too much corn, I feel fat."
There they go poor crows fat and on fire,
Hope it goes well as they flew higher.

by Kiera Haag

Five Happy Scarecrows
Five Happy Scarecrows made out of hay
The first one said, "What a nice day!"
the second one said, "I'm taking a walk down the street."
The third one said, "It's time to eat!"
The fourth one said, "Yah, okay!"
The fifth one said, "It's the end of this day."
As they went inside they thought of tomorrow,
Everyone said, "There won't be any sorrow."

by Jodean Chesley