Lockdown DrillDrills are not life-threatening situations, however we use them to practice moving to a secure room, locking and/or barricading doors, making alternative escape plans, and gathering objects of opportunity for weapons.
The most important part of our drills, is the student discussions and practice of safety procedures and protocols with our teachers.
Lockdown is called when it is believed there is a threat or hazard inside the school building.

  • If you know exactly where the threat is ...run away and escape. If you are on the playground or outside the school, this may mean you run away from the school to a safe location then report your safety to parents and school officials.
  • If you do not know exactly where the threat is ...run to a secure room. Some rooms, like bathrooms, might not be good choices for security, if time allows


  • LOCK THE DOOR. Remain as quiet as possible (silence phones) and turn off the lights. Remain out of sight from any corridors or windows.
  • Barricade the door if time allows. This is necessary if you are securing a room that you do not have keys or the ability to lock.
  • Begin planning for an alternate escape route if possible that can be used if the door is being breached (intruder begins to enter the room).


  • Gather items that can be used to throw or swing as weapons. If the intruder breaches the locked/barricaded door, use ‘Throw and Go’ to escape if needed. Throwing objects while running through the doorway to escape.
  • Be aggressive and commit to your actions in a life-threatening situation. You have permission to survive!

Follow the instructions of school staff, however, all students and staff may have to make quick and important decisions in a life-threatening situation.
Do not take the time to lock perimeter doors during a Lockdown. Risk is increased to students or staff in exposed areas attempting to lock outside doors.
Law Enforcement Or School Administration Will Announce The Completion Of The Drill!
During a Lockdown, use short SMS Texting to communicate to parents at 5-15 minute intervals to minimize the impact of heavy cell service with dropped calls.