Parents- Our last day of school for the entire district has been moved to the 19th of May with dismissal at  11:15 for CIS.  
Due to fewer snow-days than scheduled, this is one day earlier than planned.  We will send out the report cards on the Friday before.   The School picnic will be held at the CHS Practice Field about 12:00-get there early.  
CIS Agenda for May 19 (tentative)
8:00              School day begins like normal with activities in the classroom
8:30-9:30      Awards Ceremony in the CIS Gym (Parents and Family are invited)
9:30-11:15    Fun Activities planned for outdoors-weather permitting (7 stations/15 minutes each)         If you would like to help run or supervise a station please let your classroom            teacher know or contact the office.  The more parents - the more fun we all have!     
11:15            Student Dismissal from the flagpole!

12:00         Picnic - Everyone is invited