Parents and community members are invited to join us for Martin Luther King Day events at CSC (Monday January 16th).  The events start with a march from Common Cents to the Chicoine Center.The march leaves Common Cents at 1:15 and proceeds north to Sixth Street, turning left onto Sixth Street and heading east to Shelton Street, where the Chadron Middle School students will join. It will then head south on Shelton Street to the United Methodist Church, where the Chadron Primary and Intermediate School students will join. We will then continue south on Shelton Street, across Tenth Street, through the Student Union, and up to the Chicoine Center gymnasium.Parents and community members are invited to join the march at any place along the way or go directly to the Chicoine Center gymnasium.  Our goal is to increase the level of involvement every year, and parents would be a tremendous addition and really bring in the community.This session is a community celebration and reflection on the meaning of Martin Luther King Day in 2017, featuring Jovan Mays, Dr. Hillary Potter and musical groups from the Chadron Middle and High Schools.