This Wednesday, May 10th, CMS will host our annual 5th grade orientation from 1:00-2:00.  4th grade students will come over to CMS to be introduce to their new school and teachers.  The orientation will include a building tour, a short 20-minute class rotation (5-min. in each class) to meet their new teachers and a Q & A session with Mr. Dressel and the 5th grade Student Council Representatives.

CMS 8th graders will also take part in the 9th grade orientation on May 10th from 12:50-3:15.  Mrs. Watson and the CHS staff have put together a fun and engaging program for our students that will include a building tour, information activities and athletics and academic program.

These orientation days are an excellent opportunity for our students and we hope that all of our students can attend.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Dressel at [email protected]  or 432-0708.

Mr. Dressel