Parents/Guardians of CHS Seniors:                                                               04-24-2023

Reminder of Up-and-Coming Events:

Graduation will take place in the high school gym on May 13th at 1:00pm. We do

not reserve or block off sections of seats for families in the gym. Instead, you are

welcome to enter the gymnasium when it opens at 11:00am and reserve up to 10

seats on the floor or in the bleachers for the graduation ceremony for your


On the seniors last day (May 10th), they will be asked to come to school to check-out

starting at 1:00pm. We ask that the seniors bring their cap & gown for a senior walk at

the primary school. After the senior walk we will have graduation practice in the gym

followed by the checkout process. They will need to return all school supplies

(textbooks, calculators, library books, Chromebook, etc.) and pay any fees owed for

library, lunch, textbook damages, PE locks, and lost or damaged Chromebook ($19 cord,

$39 damaged Chromebook, $300 lost Chromebook). As usual practice, seniors will not

be given their diploma if there are any outstanding fees or property not returned (ex.


Here’s the schedule of special activities:

Baccalaureate Sunday, May 7th 7:00p CHS Auditorium

Honor’s Night Monday, May 8th 7:00p CHS Auditorium

Seniors Last Day Wednesday, May 10th 1:00p CHS Gym

Graduation Practice Wednesday, May 10th 1:30p CHS Gym

Graduation Saturday, May 13th 1:00p CHS Gym

Seniors will need to wear their gowns for the Baccalaureate and nice attire for Honor’s

night. On their last day they will need both their cap & gown for the Primary school

walk through.

If you have any questions, please call the CHS Office at 432-0707.

Thank you!

Jerry E. Mack

High School Principal

Mr. Mack