Mrs. Landreth’s class was awarded the Rogers Scholarship in conjunction with Morrill Hall in Lincoln for the 3rd year. This year, our class was sent a box of fur, pelts, skins, food and photos of animals native to our state of Nebraska. We studied this information and used it to create dioramas of our own based on animals in our state. We chose the great horned owl, painted turtle, white tailed deer, and smooth green snake. Students worked in teams to create habitats and build a diorama based on the information from Morrill Hall. As a culmination, students attended a virtual field trip on Tuesday. We learned what a zoologist does and how they use their sense of observation to study the animals around them. We practiced listening and looking for clues ourselves to identify animals from our state. We were then able to share our dioramas and knowledge of the animals we studied with Ms. Annie (our virtual instructor). It was a fun, interactive way to dive deeper into our science unit on animals.