Submitted by Mrs. Kaus
National Qualifiers for National History Day
National History Day is an educational program devoted to the learning of history.  Last fall, students chose a topic related to the annual theme (“Turning Points in History – People, Ideas, Events”). and conducted extensive research using both primary and secondary sources.  After analyzing and drawing conclusions about their topics’ significance in history, they presented their work in an original project.  The district contest was held February 21st at Chadron State College and on April 20th, the state competition was held in Lincoln.  Chadron Middle School had 5 students qualify to compete at the national contest in Washington D.C. June 8th to the 14th.
Those who competed at the State History Day competition:
Corbin Johnson & Spencer Margetts             Group Website             Battle of Saratoga      3rd placeJadyn McCartney                                           Individual Website        Jackie Robinson        4th placeKaci Waugh & Mallory Rhembrandt              Group Documentary    Special Olympics      4th placeGreta Welch & Alison Gardner                      Group Documentary    Mikheil Gorbachev   3rd placeMumbi Mwaura                                             Individual Exhibit          Nelson Mandela        4th placeHunter Hawk                                                  Research Paper           Declaration of Independence
Those who qualified for National History Day competition:
Walt Mays                                                      Individual Documentary         Corpernicus      2ndplace
Beau Jersild, Drew Jersild, Cody Madsen     Group Exhibit                   The Pony Express              1st place
Veronica Parish                       Individual Exhibit          God, Government & Roger Williams  2nd place
Pictured left to right:  Beau Jersild, Cody Madsen, Walt Mays, Veronica Parish & Drew Jersild

Mr. Dressel