For additional information, please contact David Jespersen by phone (402-471-4537) or email ([email protected])  MARCH 22, 2018NSCAS MATH AIMED AT HELPING STUDENTS BECOME MORECOLLEGE, CAREER, AND CIVIC READYThe Nebraska statewide assessments in mathematics will have a different look this year. Beginning with the spring 2018 administration, The Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System (NSCAS) Summative-Mathematics will be replacing the NeSA-Math exam and will be taken in all grade levels three through eight.Nebraska’s education assessment goal is to ensure that students are prepared with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed at the next level of learning. The NSCAS Summative-Mathematics assessment is more rigorous than previous math assessments and aligns to Nebraska’s College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics.
The examination window is from March 19-May 4, 2018. The assessment will adapt dynamically based on each student’s ability and will include innovative, interactive question formats that engage students and enable them to demonstrate higher order thinking. As a result, it will provide deeper information about what they know.
As rigor and expectations for students increase, scores may initially seem lower than expected. This is an outcome of the bar being raised for college readiness in the state. It is expected that student scores will improve as higher standards and aligned instruction are incorporated into the daily classroom.

Mr. Dressel