Late and missing work is a topic that schools deal with on a daily basis and trying to find a balance between compassion and teaching personal responsibility can be difficult.  I want to take a moment to list what Chadron Middle School is doing to provide our students with opportunities to turn in late and missing work for credit, while providing clear guidelines to help teach personal responsibility.

  1. If a student is absent from school they get two days for every day that they are gone.  So, if a student misses school on Monday, the assignments from that day are due at the beginning of class on Thursday. 
  2. If a student does not turn in an assignment, they are expected to go to Homework Recovery during the lunch break.  The Homework Recovery list is announced at 10:30 every day and students can come to the office to see what they are missing.  Homework Recovery students get their lunch and report to the Homework Recovery room where a certified teacher is on duty to help them with their assignment(s).  When all missing work has been turned in, students are free to leave.
  3. Students have one week to get all of their missing work turned in (Thursday to Thursday).  We chose Thursday as the final day to turn in missing work for credit because students are not assigned homework on Wednesdays, which gives them the opportunity to complete their missing work that night.
  4. The CMS After-School Program (ASP) is open to all CMS students from 3:18-5:30 on Monday-Thursday.  The ASP has tutors available in the library and students are welcomed to come in and work in the library and/or the computer lab.
  5. CMS teachers are available before school between 7:40 and 8:00 and after school until 3:40. Students are encouraged to talk to their teachers to schedule times to retake tests.

If you have any questions about our late/missing work policies, please let me know.  As always, thank you for all that you do to help your children be successful in school.
Nick DresselPrincipal, Chadron Middle School432-0708

Mr. Dressel