Mrs. Hoffman's ClassroomWe have been studying rocks and fossils and last week we were lucky to have a visit from Barb Beasley, a paleontologist from the Forest Service, visit us and bring samples of fossils.  She talked to us about fossils and showed us samples of fossils found at Toadstool Park and other places.  She taught us about invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants that can be found in fossil form.  She showed us a model of a giant pig's skull that lived in this area millions of years ago.  She also had a model of a saber tooth cat skull and an ancient crocodile skull.  We really had fun looking at her fossils and many students decided they wanted to be paleontologists when they grow up!

Third Graders were fortunate to have Barb, a paleontologist from the Nebraska Forest Service, come to visit our classroom and share her knowledge and collection of fossils as well as share about her career!  What a great opportunity!
Mrs. Grant's Classroom