PBIS March Newsletter

              We have News to Share!

The PBIS team meets the second  Wednesday of every month.            

                      by PBIS Team ~March  2022

Cardinal Breakfast: Thursday, March 3rd. at 8:30 am in the gym. Please wait for the “All Call” to send your student.

Monthly Focus: : “March on”- Stay in your lane and worry about yourself. 

Books:  https://youtu.be/RT38a51FO64- Don't Squeal Unless it is a Big Deal 

https://youtu.be/hyn0JvZe5vE- Tattletale

https://youtu.be/ZL7w5ZvGfYU- Interrupting Chicken

Website:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igyl0WO2mXM


Volunteers: We are still looking for grade level parent volunteers to join our PBIS team.  Our hope is to have one from each grade level.  If you have any parents wanting to get involved, please have them call the office.

Student Lunch Advisory Meetings:  We will host the Lunch Advisory Meetings the last week of each month.  The days will depend on PBiS staff member schedules.  

PBIS Team Update: We are still working on our Action plan, this is a  working document. 

 Thanks from your PBIS Team!