Pre-K FAST is our preschool aged program, designed to assure that all children have a chance to enter school ready to learn and capable of achievement at their own level. This program is capable of rapidly engaging parents of young children and getting them to improve family function for the sake of their young children. Experts agree that providing a fertile learning and developmental environment early in a child's life makes a huge impact on how well they will do in school, allowing them to reach important milestones in their early elementary years.Pre-K FAST is intended to give all children the best chance to succeed, and infuse good family values in the homes of willing parents.Change is never easy, and many parents are so busy in their lives, that they sometimes aren't even aware of the threats their kids face, or the resources that are available to them to keep their kids on a positive course in life. A child is happiest when he or she is doing well in school, meeting expectations, and finding good friendships. Parents are relieved when they are sure their kids are growing and learning and appreciative of the opportunities given to them.Pre-K FAST is a terrific readiness and engagement process to help give all children a chance to share in the prosperity and happiness that is their birth right.Our mission is not to replace the parenting role, or to do what our preschools and day care facilities are doing. Rather, we provide a program that any parent can participate in, which delivers an process for personal growth and awareness for kids and parents. People come out of Pre-K FAST with the peace of mind that they are making important improvements in their lives and giving their kids the best chance to succeed.

Parents made a great meal for everyone
In 13 years we will look like the CHS Graduation

My future is so bright-I gotta wear shades!
Walking the aisle
How "FAST" time flies
Proud Parents of the graduate!
FAST Leaders did a great job facilitating the event