The NDE Offices of Early Childhood and Special Education are partnering with other agencies and organizations to bring the Pyramid Model to early childhood programs throughout the state. This program will enhance the social-emotional-behavioral health and well-being of all young children. It will assist them in reaching their full potential.This is a long-term commitment involving early childhood leaders who are fully committed to program-wide adoption. Team Leaders will receive comprehensive professional development and ongoing coaching supports. Parents and families are engaged as valued partners who provide needed input.Click here for a short overview.The Pyramid Model is an evidence-based model for supporting social competence and preventing challenging behavior in young children. The needs of all children are addressed with challenging behaviors handled in a comprehensive and systematic process.Chadron Public School’s PreSchool will be implementing a Positive Behavior Support Pyramid Model.  It is a framework of practices that promote the social, emotional, and behavioral skills of young children.  This is a partnership between NCAP Head Start and Crawford and Chadron Public Schools along with the parents of our children.  We will be sharing information with you throughout the here for more information.