Well, the first three days of the 2015-16 school year are in the books and I think that we had a great start!  The Grab and Go Breakfast was a huge success!  We had and average of 49.6% of our student body participate during the first three days, which is fantastic!  I hope that the kids enjoyed the opportunity to grab a quick snack and that it helped sustain them during their morning classes.

The block schedule got off to a good start as well.  There were few scheduling glitches and the kids that I've talked to seem to like it so far.  Students had two "A" schedule days and one "B" schedule day this week, so I think that they got a good taste of what rotating classes will be like.  As we continue through the school year, please let me know if your student(s) are struggling with the schedule so we can find ways to assist them.

Student drop off in the morning also went well.  I spent the first three days in front of the building monitoring traffic and having two drop off areas has improved congestion.  Just a reminder that traffic should flow, as much as possible, east towards Cedar St. and parents should avoid making a left hand turn at the stop sign on Ann Street.  Thank you for your efforts to ensure that students get to school safely in the morning.

Students had an opportunity to enjoy three beautiful afternoons on the playground during lunch break. The fence has improved student safety as there are fewer balls, and therefore kids,  running on to the street.  Please note that several students commented that it was cold in the morning, so keep that in mind as you help your child get ready for school.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your child's education and/or overall school experience, please let me know.

Thank you again for a great start to the school year!


Nick Dressel
Chadron Middle School Principal

Mr. Dressel