Road construction is nearing completion and barricades should be removed sometime on Friday, September 22nd. I want to give a big HIGH FIVE to Fuller Construction for completing the project way ahead of schedule! I did not think that roads would be open until mid-October, so getting them back in the last week of September is a nice surprise! I'd also like to thank everyone for their patience during the road construction. Overall, I thought that traffic moved smoothly and it was great seeing so many of our students walking and riding bikes to school.

When Ann Street and 6th Street are reopened, we will go back to our regular drop off and pick up procedures. As a reminder to our veteran parents and as an introduction for our new parents, I've created the maps below to help illustrated what AM drop off and PM pick up should look like. Please note that the middle school parking lot will remain closed from 7:30-3:30.

In the AM, it is preferred that parents drop off their middle school students by the playground on Ann Street and turn east on 6th to Cedar. The other option is to drop students off on the north side of the building. If you need to park, please park east of the tree on the north side of the building. Drop off on the north side of CMS is a drive through and all drive through traffic must move east on 6th toward Cedar. There is no parking or student drop off on the north side of 6th street because there is a lot of traffic in the morning and afternoon.

In the PM, parents pick can their students up on Ann Street or park on the north side of the building to wait for their child. When backing out, please drive east down 6th street as to not cross traffic. Remember there is two-way traffic on 6th Street. Again, there is no parking or student pick up on the north side of 6th street because of the heavy traffic.

Thank you again for your patience during the road construction and if you have any questions about our regular drop off and pick up procedures, please contact me at 432-0708 or [email protected].


Nick Dressel
Chadron Middle School Principal

Mr. Dressel