Mrs. Hoffman's Class
Discovering bird beaksThis week we did an activity that helps us understand how bird beaks have adapted to the bird's habitat and needs.  We had eight stations set up around the room with activities and tools.  Students worked with a partner as they stopped at each stations.  Various tools, such as tweezers, nutcrackers, strainers, straws, tongs, chopsticks, and eye droppers were placed at each station with an activity.  Students were to try each tool and discover which tool ( bird beak) worked best.  We then discussed why, and what would happen if a bird's habitat suddenly disappeared.  It was a fun but messy science activity.
"These worms are slippery little guys!"
"I'm eating this cherry.  I worked hard to get it!"
"A nutcracker works best here!"
Catching fish is easier with a slotted spoon than chopsticks.
Those bugs are so tiny we need tweezers.
Digging in the mud is hard with a nutcracker.
An eyedropper will never work to catch these fish!
I think a cardinal has a nutcracker type beak.
We had popcorn all over our floor!
The cleanup crew.
We made a big mess!