Nearly three of every four Nebraska public school students met state reading, mathematics and science standards in 2013-14, according to test results released today.
The 2014 state test results showed that 77 percent of the students met or exceeded state reading standards, 71 percent and 72 percent met or exceeded math and science standards, respectively.
Trend data showed state test scores have improved incrementally since testing began five years ago in reading. The percentage of students proficient in reading and mathematics has improved 8 percent and 5 percent more students are now proficient in science than three years ago.
“I applaud Nebraska students and their teachers whose hard work shows in the improvement of state test results,” said Education Commissioner Matt Blomstedt.  “Our students are making progress, and we attribute that to Nebraska teachers who have a long history of helping their students meet the state’s learning expectations. Continuous improvement of our schools and strong support for our educators will continue to benefit students.”
Public school students also were tested in writing with 69 percent of the 4th graders scoring proficient. Fourth graders took their writing tests using paper/pencil. While 8th and 11th graders also were tested, those results are not available because some students in some schools experienced technical issues when taking their tests online. Those technical issues created concern about the validity of the results.
Here is a breakdown showing student progress:Nebraska State Accountability: NeSA ScoresPercent Proficient: Meets/Exceeds Combined
Results for All Grades Tested
SUBJECT20102011201220132014Reading69%72%74%77%77%Mathematics63%67%69%71%Science67%70%72%4th Grade Writing69%69%
Reading, mathematics, science and grade 4 writing test results for districts and school buildings by grade level are available at
The performance scores released today are preliminary since they could change slightly before the scores are finalized in October.
About 157,000 students in grades three through eight as well as the 11th grade were tested in each subject of reading and mathematics. Students in grades 5, 8 as well as 11 were tested in science, and students in grade 4 took the writing test. Overall, 445,000 tests were given. About 94 percent of the reading, mathematics and science tests were taken online and 98 percent of the 8th and 11th graders took their writing tests online.
Parents will receive a report on their child’s scores from their local school district this fall. In addition to a link to the NeSA test scores, materials to help parents help their child with reading, mathematics and science are available through the Nebraska Department of Education’s homepage at