Chadron Primary School continues to keep student safety a priority and in working with Chadron Police Department we would like to review some critical areas to help with student drop-off and traffic flow.  The map attached will aid in the color coding and explanation of the areas we are referring to:

The BLUE LINE indicates a portion of 8th Street - this is TWO-WAY traffic, please follow all traffic laws that apply.

The YELLOW LINE indicates a portion of Ann Street - this is ONE-WAY traffic that moves from South to North (Ann street could be an available street to park and walk your child up to the front door of the Primary School and/or Middle School).

The PURPLE LINE indicates the portion of our ramp that does not include the hill at the entrance (we do not want students exiting while waiting on the ramp incline. (PLEASE pull vehicles all the way up to the stop sign at the end of the ramp before utilizing our Stop, Drop, and Roll - Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle on the passenger side so they can access the sidewalk more quickly.  If your child needs assistance to exit the vehicle, please pull into our indented area of the ramp so you can get out of your vehicle and not block traffic.  We are asking that vehicles pull all the way to the stop sign so that more children can exit at the same time (possibly 6-8 vehicles at a time).  Please encourage your child to exit quickly; if your vehicle is in front of the main doors and there is no traffic in front of you, please do not stop and please proceed to the stop sign.  The more vehicles that can fit on the ramp and drop off students, the quicker our traffic will flow.)

The RED LINE is a STAFF ONLY area and not a drive through for student drop-off and pick-up.  School staff along with our SRO (School Resource Officer - through Chadron Police Department) will be patrolling this area as well.

The ORANGE LINE is a portion of 6th Street that is a pull-in area for Middle School drop off (we encourage families to travel from West to East when dropping off students in front of the Middle School).

In addition to the map and the areas discussed we ask that you DO NOT use the high school parking lot or the High School staff parking lot to drop off or pick up students.  This area is an area that is designated for High School students and High School staff to access but feel free to park on 10th Street and walk your child over to the Primary School.  Both Chadron Primary School and Chadron Police Department thank you for your cooperation in obeying all traffic laws and the attempts to make traffic flow more quickly.