We are excited to announce the first Western Nebraska Math Contest to be held on SumDog.  It is for students in grades 1-8, but we are just competing with 1st-4th grades.
SumDog is a free math website (www.sumdog.com) where the students can login and practice their math skills with some great activities and we can monitor their progress on any skills.
We are starting a contest on Friday for the Western Side of Nebraska.
Students just need to log in at www.sumdog.com and choose their activity.  Their points will automatically be calculated for the contest.
For their participation, every student will receive a full access account for FREE!  They will also have access to a special version of the "Junk Pile" game just for competing.
The contest starts October 25th and runs through October 31st.
All students have received a paper copy of their login information.  If a student has lost their log-in they can ask for it at school.
Results can be found on the sumdog contest pages.  (http://www.sumdog.com/contests/NE-WESTERN-NEBRASKA-DISTRICT-SET-REGIONAL-1382688000/results)
For SumDog Math Contest Click Here