Charlie Sampson, the 1982 World Champion PRCA bull rider, visited Mrs. Waugh's 7th and 8th period English classes on Friday afternoon.  Mr. Sampson talked to the students about finding their personal motivation and staying focused to achieve their goals.

Mr. Sampson was the first African-American PRCA World Champion.  He told students his story about how he grew up in Los Angeles and that he found his motivation working in the stables outside of the city.  He explained that while many of his friends were getting into trouble, he managed to stay focused and learned a great deal of responsibility while working with and caring for the animals.  It was there that he sparked an interest in rodeo.

CMS would like to thank Mr. Sampson for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak to our 8th grade students and for taking an interest in our youth.

Mr. Dressel